An emerging urban enclave

Set in the developing reclamation area of Mandaue City, The NORTHSTAR Condominium is the perfect place to start a new life. Experience the growth of this city alongside your own as you settle near newly constructed hospitals, mall developments, hotels and universities.

Attention to detail

The NORTHSTAR’s façade is meant to evoke a light, airy feel. Its modern contemporary design coupled with the use of energy-efficient LED lights in the amenity areas, cross ventilation and enhanced security features combine beauty and function.

A stylish solution

Condo living does not have to be a tight squeeze. And efficiency does not mean plain. Each unit has a spacious balcony and enough room for everything one wants in a home. Each space defines its function but is left open for flexibility. Lofts allow for higher ceilings and an open layout for a clean, contemporary look.

Structurally sound

The quality of our building is of utmost importance. Its engineers went beyond what was required and commissioned experts to ensure the foundation of our 16-storey structure has the highest standards and can stand the test of time. Professional builders were hired to carry out the company’s vision of providing a high-quality, well-planned and comfortable living environment.

An address unparalleled

With the best amenities and proximity to the most important locations in Metro Cebu, there is truly no other place like this. At the end of a long day, take a break from the rigors of city life. Find your way home to the NORTHSTAR Condominium.